What is required for a Cost Segregation Study?

The Cost Segregation Study requires a site tour and/or construction documents and a copy of the depreciation schedule.  In some cases additional information may be required

Can a Cost Segregation Study be prepared for a property that was not purchased this year?

Generally speaking, a Cost Segregation Study can be beneficial if the property was purchased in the last 10-15 years; however, benefits are maximized in the year of the purchase.  The value and the type of property will affect the degree of benefit.  Contact us for a free evaluation to estimate whether a study would be beneficial.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Cost Segregation Study be prepared by any CPA?

No, not typically.  A Cost Segregation Study is an engineering-based analysis of the component parts of Commercial Real Estate Property.  It requires an understanding of IRS guidelines for those component parts qualifying for shorter depreciable lives and knowledge of Commercial Real Estate taxation and Construction Engineering

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What is the maximum tax value of the property required in order for a Cost Segregation Study to be beneficial?

The minimum tax value is approximately $400,000, depending on the type of building and when the building was purchased

Will a Cost Segregation Study require a change in CPA firms?

No.  Cost Segregation Studies can be prepared for those who already have a CPA.  Our report contains the information necessary for a CPA tax preparer to properly reflect the results of the Cost Segregation Study on the tax return